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Im a current student at CSB School of Broadcasting. Im also a uVu intern at the time! I would like to suceed in the broadcasting industry as a reporter for a local news station and/or anchor the news... Its a long shot, but with hard work and dedication anything is possible!!!! Hey! you never know! I would also like to get a Vioce Over career started. I open to anything... In this industry the doors are always open. 

Ive done theatre for many years and decided to make a career change!Lets see whatlife has for me next!!! Smile

one last thing, ENJOY THE UVU WEBSITE!!!!Laughing oh! and enjoy my videos... let me know what you think!!! i looove feedback!

Latest Activity
    Movie Review: The Hanna...
    Jessica reviews the Hannah Montana Movie.
    Miami Goin' Green 200...
    Ecoist, an eco friendly decor line displays its unique fashions and acceries at Miami Goin' Green 2009 on Saturday, April 25th 2009. 
    Miami Goin' Green 200...
    THE FENDER BLENDER!!!! A bike that blends your own smoothy. Part of Miami Goin' Green 2009 on April 25th 2009. Filmed and Edited By: Bianca Illa...
    Miami Goin' Green Fes...
    Miami Goin' Green took place at Bayfront Park on Saturday, April 25th 2009. Its purpose was to promote being "green". The message was: Reuse, Reduce and recycle....
    Miami Goin' Green 200...
    Paul Morales, Marketing Coordinator of OXXO Care Cleaners, explains how this dry cleaning service is Eco friendly. OXXO Care Cleaners participat...
    Miami Goin' green 200...
    Eco friendly music. this street performer makes music out of recycled materials. Part of Miami Goin' Green 2009 on April 25th. Filmed and Edited By: Bianca...
    Miami Goin' Green 200...
    Clear 2 Go introduce its newest product. A water bottle with a filter. You simply put tap water into the bottle and the attached filter filters the dirty water as ...
    Miami Goin' Green 200...
    Denis Marques, President of Green Veranda, explains how her fashion line is Eco friendly. Green Veranda makes fashionable acceseries made out of recycle...
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