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Life for hildi is a delicate tight rope tango of delicious moments that pulsate into light

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I'm a fan of
    Once upon a time, this was an intro for my demo reel... which needs a update. I thought it would be funny to directly ask to be hired at the end... not s...
    Playing with After eff...
    bloody monkey
    add a dash of tom waits... and there you have it!
Favorite Videos
    Independent Lens - Na...
    Following legendary teacher Robert Cazimero and the only all-male hula school in Hawaii, NA KAMALEI: The Men of Hula goes beyond deep-rooted stereot...
    Carrfour Garden Pr...
    After gardening at the Carrfour garden project, residents prepare food from their natural home grown products. The coordinator for the program explains th...
    Carrfour Garden Project
      Little River Bend Carrfour project provides supportive services and housing for the formerly homeless. A new project called The Garden Proj...
    Carrfour Garden Pr...
      Joel Smith, a former homeless, is a member of the Carrfour’s Phoenix men’s group. He volunteers in the Garden Project that was launche...
    Garden project volunteer...
    Optic Nerve IX Films: "T...
    South Florida's water cycle, from the rains to the aquifers, is explored in this animated work by Miami artist Javier Gonzales. ---Optic Nerve pres...
    Art 360 - Graffiti
    Host Robin Hill takes a tour of some of the spectacular graffiti art that covers many of the buildings in miami.
    Emerging Framework...
    Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at MIT, talks about the war on terrorism and the long-term implications of America's military attacks abroad. He ...
Text Blog
5 years ago
I take my news fix in two formats; radio or online. I guess you can say I’m a news scavenger.  There are a few sites I keep returning to but overall I like to search a variety of sources.  It can be as simple as clicking the news tab on Google or going directly to prominent news organizations like B...
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